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Becoming a Ploosh host is easy-as.

You simply need a bathroom!

Simply register your property, add a couple of sentences with a few photos, and choose when your bathroom will be available.

With Ploosh providing transparent tracking of the Ploosh Guests who visit you home as well as handling the financial transactions you can be ready to receive guests sooner than you think!

Income varies on guest numbers and location. But Hosts love being able to control an additional income which they can control the pace of. With one tap you can open your bathroom or close it for the day. Some hosts sell add-ons too (wifi access, water, dryer access etc).

With no joining fees and no refurbishment necessary why not add your bathroom today?

Host requirements

Honest and not misleading photos or description of your bathroom.

Avoid having to cancel booked guests.

Answer door at start of booking in a timely manner. Eg Don’t be mowing your lawn with earmuffs on such that you can’t hear the doorbell ringing.

Clean and ventilate the bathroom prior to guest arriving.

While a guest is in your facilities keep your phone close by (with Ploosh app on and notifications allowed). This is how Guests may contact you from within the bathroom in the event they have further questions.

Disclose any security cameras (internal and/or external).

Check if your property has any by-laws that might impact your hosting Guests. For example, a shared driveway may mean Guests cannot park in the driveway.

Check if any taxes might need to be paid on the income you make.

If you have flatmates/tenants, you may need an agreement so there is a shared understanding of what is needed to allow Ploosh guests to visit your property.

Tips for getting great reviews

Accurate descriptions and photos help to manage guest expectations and leave room for you to impress them.

Ensure bathroom is clean and dry prior to guest arriving.

  • empty rubbish bin
  • wipe mirror
  • make sure there is no hair or water on the floor (including the route Guests take from the door to the bathroom).

Remember to make sure there is plenty of high quality toilet paper, hand soap and a clean hand towel for each guest.

In addition, if you are providing bath and/or shower options for guests, we recommend:

  • 1 facecloth per guest
  • 1.5 clean bath towels per guest. For example if there are two guests, make sure three towels are available
  • 1 clean shower mat (to minimise water creating slippery floor)
  • Bodywash, Shampoo and Conditioner being available is reasonable

Some people are afraid or allergic to pets, so it can be helpful to state what fur-babies reside at the property.

The description can provide space for house rules, eg shoes to be left outside the front door, no smoking on the property, parking suggestions, suitable for changing babies?, where additional guests can wait while waiting for someone to finish using the bathroom (eg, on deck) etc.

Remember to greet your guests with a smile, show them where the bathroom is located and explain any bathroom details that may be necessary.