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When you gotta go, you gotta go!

Ploosh joint founders and globe trotters Dr’s Joseph and Mariel Edhlund love the ‘great outdoors’, but also appreciate good hospitality and clean facilities. However they had a hard time locating these facilities. After tramps and other rural adventures they wished there was a way to access private bathrooms – when a shower was desperately needed prior to a long drive back to accommodation! Ploosh enables just that.

Access, when you need it most

Ploosh allows guests to select a bathroom for their exclusive use. Guests can find that a stop in a home also gives them valued local insight too. Guests find the Hosts can provide helpful pointers. From the time a chemist open/closes, the best place to buy organic produce, restaurant recommendations to the best photo opportunities as they depart to the next location.

Ploosh helps foster good ‘ol small-town hospitality to local and tourist Guests alike using technology to help give a layer of traceability and accountability.

How does Ploosh work?

  • Guest downloads and opens the Ploosh App
  • Guest browses bathrooms within a geographical area of interest
  • Guest selects a bathroom and chooses a start time
  • Guest arrives and uses the chosen bathroom facilities
  • Guest departs and can place feedback about their experience